Interview with Recrent about NAVI, Duo-tournaments and PUBG league.

PUBG / News / 10 December 2018 — 22:00

Recrent: «Training takes about twelve hours a day.»

This fall, ru Dmitry «Recrent» Osintsev, one of the brightest representatives of the CIS—division, joined the ru NAVI.GG.BET PUBG squad, a player whose shooting skills will be envied by many titled players. At the end of the sequence of tournaments, we talked to the newly-formed member of the Born to Win about the start of a professional career, the experience of playing for ru NAVI and the team’s plans for the coming months.

— Tell us a little about your gaming experience before ru NAVI. How did you get to know the gaming industry in general and PUBG in particular?

Dmitry "Recrent" Osintsev

«Since childhood, I play all sorts of shooters. I tried myself in the competitive Overwatch, after which I moved to PUBG in July 2017, where I immediately began to participate in various duo tournaments. In November, my friend Ubica- and I were invited to the team, which later became the Tornado Energy Storm. »

— Did you devote time to other disciplines before PUBG?

— Before PUBG, I played CS:GO for two years and about a year Overwatch.

— What motivated you to seriously pursue a professional gaming career? How did it develop before ru Natus Vincere?

— I decided that I want to commit my life with what I like and what I am good at. When I joined ru Natus Vincere, I changed the team for the first time in my PUBG career. For the whole year we played almost with the same roster, and I tried to do everything possible to grow as a team. I have spent and i am still spending a lot of time to develop my personal skill.

— In your opinion, what were the most valuable lessons you've learned while playing for the ru Tornado Energy Storm?

— The ability to admit mistakes and learn from them, and I also became more patient.

— Joining ru NAVI — how was it and what did this step mean to you?

— It all happened in one of the October evenings. ru Artem Sadovnik asked me to join Discord, where the whole team was waiting for me. After a number of questions, I received an unexpected invitation to the team. The next day I gave a positive answer, and soon we started to practice. I am definitely glad about the transition to ru NAVI, but the most important thing for me is to show a good result. It feels like a small burden of responsibility, but I consider this as a distraction, so I try to close my eyes on it.

— Share your impressions of the first performances in the Born to Win squad!

— We all played in different teams, everyone has a lot of experience and there is something to teach each other, so from the first joint games, I began to learn a lot of new things and look at the game from a different perspective.

— You joined the team last. How did the team greet you?

— It was easy to join the team, we hit it off with the guys immediately.

— Did you know any of the ru NAVI players before? Maybe there were occasions where you played in one squad on the streams?

— Played a couple of times in the same squad with ru Artem Sadovnik. I was not familiar with ru Vadim POKAMOLODOY and ru Sasha BatulinS.

— How would you describe the atmosphere in the team?

— The atmosphere is friendly outside the games but becomes work environment when required.

— From your point of view, why in the first tournaments did the current squad not achieve notable results?

— It seems to me that there was not enough teamwork. At that time, we have not yet found our style of play that would suit us all.

— How much time do you spend on collective and individual practice?

— If you add up the team and individual training, I have about twelve hours a day. The guys have about the same, I think.

— How would you characterize the play style of our quartet now?

— I would say moderately aggressive when justified.

— How did you distribute the in-game roles in the squad? And who is responsible for coordinating team action?

— Roles, except for the captain, we as such do not have, there is only a preference for weapons. I play with SR and guys play with DMR. During the game, everyone proposes something, but the final decision is made by the captain ru POKAMOLODOY.

— Within the tournament OSL Europe 2018 you showed an excellent level of preparation. What helped in the short term to get ahead?

— Before the tournament, we just played a lot together, got into shape. The format of the tournament, I think, helped us find our game. We began to play more loosely and decisively.

— You even took third place in the ranking of the top fragers. Any tips for those who want to train such aim too?

— The best advice is to play a lot. And this is not a joke, as it may seem.

— I can not ignore the Duo-tournaments. What attracts you to this format? How useful is the pairing experience?

— Duo-tournament for me is, first of all, a good opportunity to play with teammates. I also like the fact that the price of a mistake in Duos is higher than in Squad, but you can still play it out fine, remaining solo.

— PUBG league ahead — there will be a traditional distribution of points. Do you think this will affect your results?

— I think it is not yet known what the distribution of points will be in the league, so we have to be ready for anything. I believe that a good team performs well regardless of the format.

— What do you expect from the system with the league as a whole? How do you evaluate this vector of development of PUBG?

— I like that the matches will be held in the LAN-format, which puts all the teams on an equal footing. I am also pleased that in three phases the teams will play 288 matches. At such a long distance the winner will be really the strongest team.

— What goals does the team set for the next few months?

— Right now we are 100% focused on preparing for the PUBG European League.

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