BLAST Pro Series Lisbon: second game day

CS2 / News / 14 December 2018 — 22:00

The first game against Cloud9, the second – FaZe Clan, the third – MIBR

In the final game day of the BLAST Pro Series Lisbon ua NAVI.GG.BET will meet with eu Cloud9eu FaZe Clan and us MIBR. This series of matches will begin at 15:00 CET and will end at 17:40 CET.

First, our guys will have a duel with eu Cloud9, a team which kicked off their performance at the tournament with a score of 2 wins and 0 losses. As for our guys, yesterday they defeated se NiP (16:12 — Overpass), but could not oppose anything against dk Astralis (9:16 — Inferno). Following the game with eu Cloud9 we will meet eu FaZe Clan. This team failed the first two rounds, losing to dk Astralis (4:16 — Dust2) and eu Cloud9 (12:16 — Cache).

us MIBR, the last opponent in the group stage, showed an average result: the Brazilian-American team lost to eu Cloud9 (14:16 — Mirage) in the first round, but then rehabilitated and in the second round taking over se NiP (16:6 — Mirage). As we know, the veto of the maps took place long before the tournament, so the maps of each match are determined: the match with eu Cloud9 will take place on Overpass, with eu FaZe Clan on Inferno, and with us MIBR on Mirage.

The last time in the LAN-tournament the paths of ua NAVI and today's rivals crossed was on the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen. So, our guys have beaten us MIBR (16:14 — Overpass) and eu Cloud9 (16: 13 — Mirage), but the meeting with eu FaZe Clan ended in a defeat (8:16). We believe that today ua NAVI will show a worthy game and reach the grand final, where it will fight for the BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 champions title! #NAVINATION

BLAST Pro Series Lisbon (BO1)
December 15, at 15:00, 16:20 and 17:40(CET)
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