BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018: NAVI is the runner-up!

CS2 / News / 15 December 2018 — 22:00

NAVI is the runner-up!

The last shots of two-day battles in the capital of Portugal died down. In the final tournament of 2018, ua NAVI.GG.BET claims the second place. Congratulations to the team for a decent performance, and here's the summary of BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018!

Despite the fact that the fights for the main prize lasted just a couple of days, our guys managed to meet face to face with the five strongest teams in the professional scene. Born to Win had five matches in the best of 1 format during the group stage, and 2 of them were lost by our guys.

ua Natus Vincere suffered defeats in the battles against dk Astralis, the main contender for the title, on Inferno and against br MIBR on Mirage. The map lost to the Brazilian-American team almost cost the yellow-black the place in the grand final, but since ua NAVI beat eu Cloud9 before, the face-to-face meeting determined that we will be the ones to play the grand finals!

At the same time, the Danes took another place with impeccable statistics: five wins out of five possible. This was the opponent we fought in the Bo3 series: ua NAVI started the series with a beautiful triumph on Overpass, but lost Cache and Dust II.

Born to Win did not keep the title of champions carried over from BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018, but received an award of $ 50,000! Despite the failure in the decisive derby, the team ends the game year on a positive note, and we have no doubt that in the new year ua NAVI will be able to improve their results! #NAVINATION