MagicaL: «I wanted to play with SoNNeikO, even without an organization»

Dota 2 / News / 18 December 2018 — 22:00

Interview with MagicaL

The entertainment website «Kanobu» talked to ua Idan «MagicaL» Vardanian about the transition to ua NAVI.GG.BET, getting to know Dota 2 and the new patch 7.20.

— How did the passion for games start?

— I once told that my brother got me hooked to the games. We went to the computer club and game out, back then it was the first Dota. It was a long time ago…

— Tell me how did you end up in ua NAVI?

It was like a job interview — I was asked about game preferences, habits, life views, how I behave with other people.

— Is it so important?

— Actually, it's very important. At that moment, ru Vega Squadron were considering me, but some day Akbar wrote to me and offered to play together. Back then I did not know that it was ua NAVI that we are talking about. I was ready to refuse "Vega", even if we were without an organization. But one day he added a manager on Skype, supposedly discuss the details, and I look at the avatar and he is in the ua NAVI cap. At that moment I, of course, began to guess what was going on.

You said that you were ready to refuse the ru Vega Squadron offer, even if you had no organization with ru SoNNeikO. Why?

— I did not want to just sit on the salary and leave the room without the opportunity to progress and win trophies. Competitive results and victories are important for me, so I was ready to play with ru SoNNeikO, even if there was no organization behind him. Besides, I knew Akbar very well as a player, and I wanted to play under his leadership.

— Did you change after joining ua NAVI?

— Previously, they knew me only at the expense of my streams, maybe someone heard about me as a player with a high rating, but, obviously, this doesn’t compare with the attention and the number of fans that appeared after joining ua NAVI. But has it somehow changed me? No, I am still the same, I think.

Did your parents understand what ua NAVI is and how important this transition is for your career?

— No, of course not, they are not aware of esports organizations. But I tried to explain to them the whole situation, and how important and valuable it is to me. They fully supported me.

— Have you been waiting for a new patch? Managed to figure it out already?

— No one has yet fully figured out the patch and won't do it soon. I waited for patch 7.20, because it felt like the game needed something new and fresh. Of course, I would not like to have frequent patches, but occasionally shaking up the meta is beneficial.

— On which hero in the new patch you feel most comfortable on?

— My old heroes and Outworld Devourer — he is very strong in this patch. I also want to practice Tinker, but I just don't have enough time for it. I hope that in the near future I will get to him.

— You named Outworld Devourer, but many said that he was nerfed.

— When I read the patch notes for the first time, I didn’t understand how the third skill worked and decided: well, they have killed the hero. And then, when I tested it, I understood how everything works. For example, you can recover almost all mana in a second.

— Before ua NAVI you played in tier-3 teams. Did you then have a moment of doubt: “I won’t succeed, maybe I should quit ...”?

Yes, to be honest, such moments were often enough. Almost everyone persuaded me to leave Dota — from parents to classmates. In this regard, it was difficult. But I wanted to do what I loved, enjoying my work. I didn’t care about the financial aspect and money, the game itself was important to me.