European Pro League Season 14: match for reaching the finals

Dota 2 Junior / Coverage / 30 November 2023 — 12:00

NAVI Junior players have only one match to play - the lower bracket final of the European Pro League Season 14 tournament. The best-of-3 match is scheduled to start at 17:00 CET.

The opponent of our team is unknown at the moment: KZ Team and Team Tickles will fight for this position. It is worth noting that NAVI Junior players have already played against these teams in the playoffs of the championship, and both times the matches ended with victories with the same score 2:0.

Recall that our team was in the lower bracket of the tournament after losing to B8 in the match for reaching the grand final. Now NAVI Junior players will have a second chance, which they should definitely take advantage of.

Turn on the live broadcast of the match and be sure to support our team! We are sure that NAVI Junior players will do their best to achieve a winning result!

European Pro League Season 14
Dota 2 Junior
10 November 2023 - 2 December 2023