HLTV player ranking for 2018

CS2 / News / 8 January 2019 — 14:26

The best players of the past year

From the first of January, the portal began to publish the ranking of the best players of the past year. In total, this list will include 20 players. In the current ranking, there are already three representatives of the eu mousesports, and one player for each eu FaZe Clan, dk North, us Cloud9 and us Team Liquid.

As for ua Natus Vincere, everyone expects to see in the top 10 ua s1mple and ru electroNic. So, Denis in the last interview mentioned that it would be hard for him to get into the top-5 and, most likely, he would be in the top-8. But Sasha, who spent a phenomenal year, having won six MVP-awards, will compete for the first place with dk dev1ce. We believe that s1mple ua will be able to emerge victorious from this battle. rating

  1. 1. ua s1mple — ua NAVI
    2. dk device — dk Astralis
    3. ba NiKo — eu FaZe Clan
    4. ru electroNic — ua NAVI
    5. dk dupreeh — dk Astralis
  2. 6. ca NAF — us Team Liquid
    7. dk Magisk — dk Astralis
    8. dk gla1ve — dk Astralis
    9. se KRIMZ — se fnatic
    10. br coldzera — br MIBR
    11. sk GuardiaN — eu FaZe Clan
    12. ca Twistzz — us Team Liquid
    13. dk Xyp9x — dk Astralis
    14. cz Oskar — eu mousesports
    15. us EliGE — us Team Liquid
    16. fi SuNny — eu  mousesports
    17. us Autimatic — us Cloud9
    18. no Rain — eu FaZe Clan
    19. ee Ropz — eu mousesports
    20. dk Valde — dk North

Let us remind you that the ua NAVI lineup of CS:GO will resume performance at the IEM Katowice 2019 Major. The team will enter the competition in the main stage, which is scheduled for February 21st March 3rd. We hope our players make fruitful use of their free time before the tournament and will be able to win the champion title! #NAVINATION