electroNic takes the fourth place in 2018 rating

CS2 / News / 17 January 2019 — 19:35

Denis finished the year in the top 20!

We are pleased to announce that ru Denis «electroNic» Sharipov took the fourth line in the final . It is worth noting that is the first time Denis hits top 20 of HLTV. Congratulations to ru electroNic!

Although Denis didn't get an MVP award in 2018, he managed to make an invaluable contribution to the successes of the Born to Win on the world stage. In addition, ru electroNic was awarded EVP nine times (BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen, EPICENTER 2018, FACEIT Major 2018, ESL Pro League S7, ESL One Cologne 2018, DreamHack Masters Marseille, StarSeries S5, CS:GO Asia Championships 2018, and WESG World Finals).

As for his stats, ru electroNic is located among the best players in the world. So, Denis has the second largest frag amount (3636) and headshots (1784), and also ranked fifth with a + 631 K-D difference and in the number of clutches won (72)

We are confident that in 2019 ru electroNic will continue to progress and work on his game. We hope that later this will lead Denis to even greater success, both in terms of individual skills and team achievements! #NAVINATION