Happy birthday, BatulinS!

PUBG / News / 14 January 2019 — 17:22


As the winter holidays have settled down, we are here yet to celebrate another occasion. The birthday of our PUBG player ru Aleksandr «BatulinS» Batulin. Sasha just recently became part of our club, but he has already proved that he aims for only top places and victories.

As part of ru Natus Vincere ru BatulinS, took part in the PGL PUBG Fall Invitational LAN tournament, and also showed his strength in the online championships Unique League, Se7en Esports Cup and OGA PIT Invitational Season 3. Together, the guys played at OGN Super League Europe PUBG Invitational and became the best team on the map Sanhok.

In addition, in his personal list of achievements there is the second place at GLL Wingman V, in a pair with ru Recrent, and today this duet will begin their performance in the . Without a doubt, the guys have every chance not only to repeat but also to improve the result of the previous run.

On behalf of ru Natus Vincere, we wish him success and hope that the cooperation between ru BatulinS and ru NAVI will be productive, long-term and pleasant for each of the parties. May the Born to Win be successful in all endeavors, and let each new day bring a lot of positive emotions and bright impressions! #NAVINATION