GLL Wingman VI: The first stage is over!

PUBG / News / 15 January 2019 — 07:48

Great results!

The ru NAVI.GG.BET players ru Aleksandr «BatulinS» Batulin and ru Dmitry «Recrent» Osintsev successfully completed the first matches of the qualifying stage of the GLL Wingman VI and won a spot to be among the participants in the second competition day. A quick recap of the Born to Win's performance in this material.

From the first battle, the ru NAVI DUO made it clear that they were set up exclusively to win in the open qualification: ru BatulinS and ru Recrent took the top-1 on the map and headed the overall rating, after which they strengthened their position among the leaders, repeating their success.

Match # Result NAVI DUO (Recrent + BatulinS)
1 1st place (3 kills)
2 6th place (5 kills)
3 1st place (15 kills)
4 3rd place (12 kills)

The third draw ended with the triumph for our duet and the guys managed to kill 15 players. The brilliant game allowed ru NAVI DUO to break away from the nearest pursuer by almost 300 points, which guaranteed the yellow-black duet to advance to the next stage.

In total in four games the team has earned 1000 points, 350 of which were awarded for the kills, and 650 were for survival. Tomorrow, ru Vadim «POKAMOLODOY» Ulshin and ru Artem «Sadovnik» Danilyuk will test their forces in the qualifying stage. Matches start at 17:00 CET. We are sure that the guys will repeat the success of their teammates! #NAVINATION