GLL Wingman VI: second stage is over!

PUBG / News / 18 January 2019 — 23:35

Great result!

The qualifying stage of the Duo-tournament called GLL WingmanVI is in full swing! The “Yellow-black” colors are being protected by two duos at once, and both successfully overcame the second round of the qualification.

ru NAVI.Duo is represented by ru Recrent and ru BatulinS. After four matches, the guys became the strongest duo in their lobby and settled on the first place of the final rating. The duet has 890 points, 270 of which were awarded for kills(27) and another 620 for the survival.

ru POKAMOLODOY and ru Sadovnik also fought shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield. The guys failed to repeat the success of their teammates, but earned 485 points and confidently entrenched themselves in the top 6. This result is enough to get into the third stage of the qualifiers.

Match # NAVI DUO result (Recrent + BatulinS) Result NAVI (POKAMOLODOY + Sadovnik)
1 1st place - 9 kills 15th place - 1 kill
2 8th place - 0 kills 12th place - 3 kills
3 4th place - 10 kills 3rd place - 8 kills
4 1st place - 8 kills 15th place - 6 kills

Final qualifying matches are scheduled for January 24th and will start at 17:00 CET. We are confident that each of the duos of the Born to Win will overcome the final segment of the race and will be eligible to perform on the main stage of the GLL Wingman VI, the prize fund of which will be $ 25,000. #NAVINATION