2018 final HLTV rating: s1mple interview

CS2 / News / 20 January 2019 — 15:08

The conclusion of the past year

As HLTV unveiled the final players of its final rating, they talked with our player, ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, covering the highs and lows of the past year, as well as some personal goals and ambitions. Take a look at some of the interesting questions, and refresh the memory with the . Congratulations to Sasha!

— 2017 had been a good year for you individually, not so much for your team. What were your goals for 2018 when the year began?

— My main goal always was and remains be to become the best team in the world, the rest is unimportant. I understand that any practice will yield fruits and will help me in situations where I need to win a round for my team.

— After the ELEAGUE Major came two somewhat disappointing tournaments (StarSeries S4 and DH Marseille, where you won the MVP). Despite the fact that you put in good numbers, ua Na`Vi finished in second place on both occasions. Were you getting frustrated that your individual form was not translating into titles?

— Yes, it was really disappointing, but an individual accolade is nothing compared to a trophy. A more frustrating event was the StarLadder where we made a comeback on the second map, then gave away the 30th round at a 15-14 scoreline. We felt that we were ready to win the tournament, but it seems it wasn’t our time then.

— Your first title of the year came at StarSeries Season 5. Was it a relief for you to finally win a big trophy and to secure and MVP award on top of that?

— It was a difficult tournament, I remember playing against br SK till 4 am. We felt we were gaining form bit by bit and that everything became clearer in our game. The most difficult matchup was against de mouz on Mirage - I think that ru electronic and ua Edward saved the match when they clutched a 2v5 situation with Deagles and brought the team back in line.

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— You said at ELEAGUE Premier what you wanted to end dk Astralis’ domination and establish your own era. You could not do that in 2018. Why do you think you were unsuccessful in doing that? Is that your main goal for 2019?

— The main goal is to be a part of history. The point isn’t in {:dk:} Astralis, or someone else, but in yourself. If every player reminds themselves of their goal and pursues it, then nothing or no one can stop them.

— You have said many times how you have improved your practice regime after some bad results. This was the most dominant year by any player, ever. Do you think you have reached your peak? If not, what more can you do to hit your ceiling?

— I am sure that I haven’t hit my peak and can play better. I know what I need to work on and I am doing so.