GLL Wingman VI: round 3

PUBG / News / 24 January 2019 — 17:30

The start of the match scheduled at 17:00 CET

Today, the players of ru NAVI.GG.BET will continue their performance in the qualifying stage of the sixth season of GLL Wingman. To pass to the main part of the tournament, the team must get into the top-8 of the group. The games will take place on the maps Erangel and Miramar.

Recall that in the second round, the ru NAVI.Duo took the first place in their group, and ru POKAMOLODOY together with ru Sadovnik finished the stage on the sixth place. Allowing both teams to pass to the next stage.

Matches of the third round will start at 17:00 CET. Support the guys!

Teams lineup

ru NAVI: ru POKAMOLODOY + ru Sadovnik
ru NAVI Duo: ru Recrent + ru BatulinS

The matches of GLL Wingman VI qualifying stage will not be streamed.

Match # Start time NAVI DUO result (Recrent + BatulinS) Result NAVI (POKAMOLODOY + Sadovnik)
1 OVER 1 place (6 kills) 12 place (5 kills)
2 OVER 5 place (11 kills) 1 place (3 kills)
3 OVER 1 place (9 kills) 26 place (0 kills)
4 OVER 7 place (4 kills) 7 place (4 kills)
5 LIVE 3 place (7 kills) 4 place (4 kills)
6 22:00 10 place (5 kills) 1 place (5 kills)

The prize pool of GLL Wingman VI main event will be $ 25,000.