GLL Wingman VI: qualifying stage is over

PUBG / News / 25 January 2019 — 00:09

Great result!

The sixth season of the DUO tournament GLL Wingman is rapidly gaining momentum. The qualifiers stage is over, and both of the Born to Win duos confidently overcame it!

The players of ru NAVI.GG.BET divided the line-up as follows: ru POKAMOLODOY played with ru Sadovnik, and ru Recrent joined forces with ruBatulinS. In total, the guys had three blocks of battles, after each of which the least strong competitors were eliminated.

So far, the “yellow-blacks” never gave fans any reason to doubt their professional skill, and as a result they guaranteed themselves the right to fight for $ 25,000 in the main part of the tournament. ru Recrent and ru BatulinS were the best in their lobbies and scored 42 kills, and their teammates ranked second with 21 kills in their asset.

Match # NAVI DUO result (Recrent + BatulinS) Result NAVI (POKAMOLODOY + Sadovnik)
1 1st place (6 kills) 12th place (5 kills)
2 5th place (11 kills) 1st place (3 kills)
3 1st place (9 kills) 26th place (0 kills)
4 7th place (4 kills) 7th place (4 kills)
5 3rd place (7 kills) 4th place (4 kills)
6 10th place (5 kills) 1st place (5 kills)

Already on January 30, at 17:00 CET, the ru Natus Vincere duos will once again show what they are capable of. We are sure that the guys will make every effort to achieve the best result! #NAVINATION