Se7en Esports: getting to know the opponent

Dota 2 / News / 25 January 2019 — 13:56

The fight will start at 16:00 CET

The second day of DreamLeague Season 11 open qualifiers will see ua NAVI.GG.BET fight with kz Se7en Esports. Let's take a closer look at the rival.

What is this team? kz Se7en Esports is a professional organization from Kazakhstan that is represented in a number of games. It has Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (male and female), Artifact, and PUBG. Incidentally, ru Artyom "Sadovnik" Danilyuk, who plays for ru NAVI inPUBG, from kz Se7en Esports .

However, today the Dota 2 team is of much more interest for the audience. There aren't many achievements on the account of the team, but at DreamLeague Season 11, the guys have already shown themselves to be quite formidable. In the first match, kz Se7en Esports defeated a very serious opponent — ru Team Empire. This result already says that it is necessary to reckon with the team, and underestimating it will be a big mistake.

As for the roster, it has undergone slight changes at the beginning of this year. On January 18, the organization announced the replacement kzRuslan “DooM1k” Abdussalyamov with kzMalik “Malik” Sailau. The updated roster is doing quite well, but the value of this replacement is still to be judged in a longer run.

If we talk about all the performers in the team, then kzErnar “Mantis” Urazbayev, who used to play for kz for the period from 2011 to 2014, is most famous. Now the esportsman is playing support, and he's sitting at the highest rank — 123rd place. Teammates are located in the following places: kz D4574N-SG - 253, kz Hannah - 246, kz Malik - 170 and kz xsVamp1re - 415.

As it was said earlier, the team does not have big victories on its account, but still some results are worthy of mention even though the roster is now somewhat different from the one a month ago. So,kz Se7en Esports players left their mark in December due to two events: firstly, the team made their way into the closed qualification of the Chongqing Major, which was a serious feat, and secondly, decided to withdraw from the event after the first defeat due to inconsistencies in the schedule. This decision was perceived by the community not very positively, but no one disputes the right of the team to build the schedule independently.

The most popular heroes of the team over the past 3 months

Let's take a look at the picks and bans of the team. According to Dotabuff, the hero most frequently used by kz Se7en Esports is Terrorblade: they picked him 10 times with 90% win rate! The stats of Tiny and Earth Spirit were slightly worse - they were picked 8 times, winning 87.5% and 62.5% of matches, respectively. It is noteworthy that the team does not like toplay against Meepo, who was banned 14 times, against Io - 13 times, and also against Undying and Morphling - 11 times.

Summing up, you can safely call the team kz Se7en Esports a very strong contender, able to pull off some upsets and take what they want. In addition, today's match will be a best of 1, which is rightfully called a roulette. In no case should ua Natus Vincere approach the upcoming fight carelessly, so we believe that the guys will be well prepared for the game, and will show their best game! #NAVINATION