GLL Wingman VI: Miramar recap

PUBG / News / 31 January 2019 — 02:58

NAVI.GG.BET duo results

The players of ru NAVI.GG.BET successfully overcame the qualifying stage of GLL Wingman VI and now storming the main stage of the tournament. About how the Born to Win showed themselves on the map Miramar, we will tell you in this material.

In the lineup of ru NAVI Duo five fight was conducted by ru Dmitri «Recrent» Osintsev and ru Alexander«BatulinS» Batulin. The guys showed themselves well at the start, but they didn’t manage to avoid unsuccessful games: in one of the matches, the duo dropped out on the 30th place, and in the fourth game they only reached the top 26. The guys completed the day at the 16th position in their lobby, and very soon they will have the opportunity to test their strengths on another map.

The yellow-black colors were also defended by ru Vadim «POKAMOLODOY» Ulshin and ru Artem «Sadovnik» Danilyuk, who united in the ru NAVI duet. This time around, Vadim and Artem achieved a better result than their teammates: in the result of five battles, they scored 820 points and were placed on the 2nd line in the overall rating. The guys definitely managed to rehabilitate from an uncertain start and took into account their mistakes.

Match # NAVI result NAVI DUO result Map
1 26th place (2 kills) 3rd place (6 kills) Miramar
2 2nd place (4 kills) 7th place (3 kills) Miramar
3 5th place (3 kills) 30th place (0 kills) Miramar
4 1st place (5 kills) 16th place (0 kills) Miramar
5 3rd place (5 kills) 26th place (0 kills) Miramar

All four Natus ruVincere riflers will re-enter the battle arena on February 6 at 17:00 CET. Today they are one step closer to the coveted prize of $ 25,000. We wish the Born to Win not to slow down and continue to please the fans with beautiful games in the DUOS mode. #NAVINATION