Paladins World Championship 2018: vs. Dream

News / 4 January 2018 — 14:01

Against Chinese team!

In the second match of the World Championship for Paladins, eu Natus Vincere will encounter with the representative of China — cn Dream. The encounter will begin on 5 January 2:30 CET. The format of the match will be best of 5.

The encounter promises to be tense, as both teams aren't acquainted with the rival and don't know what to expect. Furthermore, the confrontation of the representatives of different regions is always the clash of different playstyle. That's why our team needs to be really cautious with their opponent.

We need this victory a lot. However, eu Natus Vincere should also enjoy their play, demonstrate their best performance to their fans and create numerous unforgettable moments! We hope that eu NAVI will achieve one more victory at the World Championship for us to be even more proud of them! #gonavi

Natus Vincere roster for Paladins:

Kai Van Duppen
Kari Parviainen
Kevin Rahu
Pawel Majszyk
Teemu Tenhunen 
Front line / Flex Damage / Flank Front line / Flex Damage / Flex Support / Flex