Happy New Year Navigram!

News / 4 January 2018 — 16:24

When do the Born to Win relax? During New Year Holidays!

A career of a pro player demands that each Born to Win spends much time in front of computer, mastering his skills and inventing new strategies. However, when the guys have endless matches and numerous tournaments  going one by one, they really need a break and relax from time to time.

The best time to relax before the upcoming battles is New Year holidays! However, sometimes such time-outs last for too long. So, when we take a look at the photos of ua Natus Vincere players on social networking websites, we just want to ask: «NAVI, how about practicing?»

During the past week, our players and staff weren't preparing for the January tournaments. Instead they enjoyed the winter atmosphere. Once again, ua Natus Vincere congratulate each fan on New Year and Christmas!

Our Quake Champions player ru Anton «COOLLERZ» Singov congratulates his fans with his little son! We're sure they'll have amazing year with many new challenges.

The Born to Win welcomed New Year with their girlfriends and families. Take a look at the amazing photos of our star couples: ua Daniil «Zeus» Teslenko, ru Denis «electronic» Sharipov and our YouTube leader ua Stas «TwistedRox» Yuzva.

Good holiday mood. I wish positive and love to everyone!

ua Yana «b2ru» Khimchenko spent New Year with her family in the best outfit! For the true fan of ua NAVI the uniform of the Born to Win is perfect for any event, be it New Year eve or the final of Major!

Cyber football player of ua NAVI ua Yevhen «Yozhyk» Mostovyk is pretty sure that New Year is a family holiday. He shared the photos of his family photo shoot: take a look at his beautiful wife and his cute son David!

The coach of ua Natus Vincere roster for CS:GO ua Myhailo «Kane» Blagin took picture with his beautiful daughter, but also showed the presents for his kids. Though we're not pretty sure that all these presents are for kids!

Feel the spirit of New Year with ua Viktor «GeneRaL» Nigrini! Did you have the same look on your face while running around a Christmas mall in the search of perfect presents for your beloved ones?

On the last week of the 2017, we at ua NAVI celebrated numerous birthdays of our players and members. The coach of our Dota 2 line-up ua Alexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich spent this time at Bali, enjoying warm sun, the forest of monkeys and beautiful macaws!

ua TwistedRox also spends his holidays in tropics. However, Stas keeps recording videos of everything he sees. The clip is really beautiful!

ua Ioann «Edward» Suharev also celebrated his birthday in December! Unfortunately, there's no snow in Eastern Europe as per moment, so the photos look more like autumn.

As always, ua Danil «Dendi» Ishutin made some really funny photos: when you can't help, but eating your birthday cake!

Our midlane player also featured in a new movie. The movie was partly shoot in Dania's hometown — Lviv, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. If you haven't watched the movie by ua Yana «b2ru» Khimchenko and ua Kostya «PrinZe» Zagrebelny, it's high time!

The holidays have passed very quickly! Soon enough the Born to Win will enter the battle over the champion titles and glory. Our roster for Paladins has already commenced their fight! They're currently performing at the .

ua Natus Vincere CS:GO players  are also preparing to a big event! While ua Oleksandr «s1mple» Kostyliev is looking forward to new journey, the players are gathering for the bootcamp in Kyiv. Have good practice, guys!

And the last, but not the least is a special #navifam board in our office in Kyiv. It contains remarkable photos of players and staff, who made significant contribution to the development of our club. We're proud ouf our numerous trophies, but we're proud of these photos too!

We hope that our players will please the fans with great performances and good results in the near future! #gonavi