CS:GO update: smoke bug has been fixed

CS2 / News / 14 February 2019 — 12:34

Another problem resolved!

Valve has released a small CS:GO patch, in which they fixed a bug with the detection of the enemy before the dispersion of smoke. In addition, game developers have eliminated client crashes when playing the Danger Zone on Linux and MacOS X.

The bug was that with certain settings of the game (a special script that allowed the radar to move in and out), players could see the enemies on the radar a few seconds before the smoke grenade disappeared. Now the participants of the match will be able to see the opponent on the radar only after the smoke has completely disappeared.

Recall that today starts the IEM Katowice Major 2019. The tournament will start with the “New Challengers” stage, where teams from the Minor and teams that have taken the eighth to the fourteenth places of the FACEIT Major will perform. As for the Born to Win, our five will begin their performance from the “New Legends” stage, which is scheduled for February 20-24. We hope that ua NAVI players will conduct thorough preparations for the championship and will please the fans with a positive result! #NAVINATION