Unique League S3: Day 2 recap

PUBG / News / 19 February 2019 — 19:39

Results of the second day

The third regular season of the Unique League is rapidly gaining momentum. Sixteen teams participating in the CIS-division, held the second block of matches, and we summarize its results in this material.

At the start, the squad of the Born to Win achieved excellent results: after four fights, the zz NAVI.GG.BET players became the undisputed leaders of the standings, which, of course, was very useful on the second competitive day.

Match # Result Map
1 14th place (2 kills) Erangel
2 3rd place (4 kills) Erangel
3 5th place (8 kills) Miramar
4 6th place (2 kills) Miramar

At this time, the “yellow-black” failed to repeat the triumphal debut. The team finished fourteenth on the first Erangel, which is why they lost ground in the overall ranking. Later, the guys did not fall below the sixth place in the lobby, but the mere ability to survive was not enough to keep their dominance.

Place Team Frags Total
1 zz AVANGAR 49 85
2 zz NAVI.GG.BET 52 82
3 zz Team Unique 53 76
4 zz Tornado Energy 41 54
5 zz ForZe Esports
31 52
6 zz Se7en eSports 35 51
7 zz Red Diamonds 26 49
8 zz LXG Esports 31 45
9 zz Team Spirit 28 44
10 zz Unity 28 40
11 zz Comeback
30 37
12 zz PVEshniki 13 32
13 zz ZYXX 15 22
14 zz Norbat 10 20
15 zz Vaevictis eSports 9 18
16 zz Milkyway 17 17

Committing 16 kills and earning 26 points, zz NAVI entered the top-5 for the day, but the gap from the best team was more than 35 points. In the intermediate total, the team ranks second. We are confident that during the season the guys will take into account recent mistakes and put it to the maximum for the sake of victories. On February 25 they will face new battles — the Born to Win needs your support! #NAVINATION