News / 5 January 2018 — 14:36

Against G2 Esports!

Tonight, eu Natus Vincere will play their third game at the World Championship for Paladins. Our third rival will be the representative of American scene - us G2 Esports. The encounter will begin at 23:00 CET on 5 January 2018. It will be held in best of 5.

As of now, this is the most powerful rival our team has encounter at the event so far. us G2 Esports won only 1 game, but they gained it in the match against a prominent rival - eu Fnatic. This triumph proves that the team is in good shape and is determined to defeat everyone standing in their way.

However, it's not time for our fans to be scared. The Born to Win have already defeated 2 rivals at the World Championship. Their playstyle was splendid and they left almost no chance to the opponents. We hope that today our players will enter the battlefield in good mood and finish it with a beautiful victory! #gonavi

Natus Vincere roster for Paladins:

Kai Van Duppen
Kari Parviainen
Kevin Rahu
Pawel Majszyk
Teemu Tenhunen 
Front line / Flex Damage / Flank Front line / Flex Damage / Flex Support / Flex