GLL Wingman VI: tournament recap

PUBG / News / 21 February 2019 — 13:20

Summing up the event, which lasted 7 days

The sixth season of the GLL Wingman duo tournament is over! The first matches of the championship started on January 14, and the final matches ended last night. In total, the teams fought for a prize pool of $ 25,000 for seven game days. The colors of the Born to Win were defended by two duos: ru NAVI (POKAMOLODOY + Sadovnik) and ru NAVI Duo (BatulinS + Recrent).

First, our guys confidently overcame the , which was held from 14 to 24 of January. From the very start ru Recrent and ru BatulinS showed that they should not be underestimated: in their lobby, the players without any problems took the first place, getting 42 kills. The teammates did not lag behind ru NAVI Duo: ru POKAMOLODOY and ru Sadovnik were second with 21 kills into their account.

In the of the GLL Wingman VI, ru Natus Vincere players also met no resistance. Following the three blocks of matches played on the Miramar, Vikendi and Erangel, the ru NAVI Duo with 51 kills located themselves on the third line of the standings, and ru NAVI topped the overall rating.

Week NAVI result NAVI DUO result Map
1 19 kills (2nd place) 9 kills (16th place) Miramar
2 13 kills (4th place) 24 kills (1st place) Vikendi
3 19 kills (1st place) 18 kills (2nd place) Erangel
Total 51 kill (1st place) 51 kill (3rd place)  

Matches of the tournament again passed under the dictation of the Born to Win. In the second duel, the ru NAVI Duo took second place (3 kills), and ru NAVI became the best team on the map (9 kills). Thanks to such a confident start, ru Natus Vincere players immediately became leaders of the tournament table and did not lose ground until the end of the championship.

In the third match, which took place on the Vikendi, ru Recrent and ru BatulinS got a record amount of kills 12, and in the next two fights, the ru NAVI Duo finished fifth and third. As a result, before the start of the last match, the winner of the GLL Wingman VI was already decided  that's how big of a gap was between our players from the closest pursuers.

ruAleksandr "BatulinS" Batulin
, , ,
"GLL tournaments are always successful for the CIS teams. For example, NAVI, M19 and Team Unique won alternately LANs in Romania and Sweden, and Dima and I won twice in a row in Wingman. Duo format just excellently fits our play style, and we understand what is required to win.

We are very glad that we could become two-time champions. Prior to this nobody has done it and we did it. And I can honestly say that successful performance is not only in your gaming experience, skill, and understanding the game but, most importantly, in your approach to the matter. There were days when we had bad health when we flew out in the middle of a match, but we still fought to the last!"
Match # NAVI result NAVI DUO result Map
1 7th place (4 kills) 12th place (6 kills) Miramar
2 1st place (9 kills) 2nd place (3 kills) Miramar
3 17th place (2 kills) 1st place ( 12 kills) Vikendi
4 19th place (2 kills) 5 place (2 kills) Vikendi
5 23rd place (0 kills) 3rd place (7 kills) Erangel
6 3rd place (3 kills) 16th place (2 kills) Erangel

But for the second place in the championship, a serious competition unfolded: before the final fight on the Miramar, ru NAVI and zz Se7en Esports had the same amount of points 555 each. The final match, ru POKAMOLODOY and ru Sadovnik, finished in third place, while zz Se7en Esports finished fourth. Nevertheless, zz Se7en Esports were able to make three more kills, which as a result drove them into second place they overtook ru NAVI by 20 points.

ruVadim "POKAMOLODOY" Ulshin
, , ,
"I enjoyed the sixth season of GLL Wingman. But the main disadvantage is that the qualifications are very long, and there are only six matches in the final. Including Vikendi to the map pool, seems like a mistake for me. This map is not so popular.

Our main rivals in the tournament were Se7en Esports and our teammates! Before the last match, we understood that the chances for the top-1 are already gone, so we played safely and planned to take the top-2.

Thanks to everyone who cheered for us, as well as for Batulin with Recrent. The next Wingman season is likely to be missed because of the PEL."

Final standings:

Despite the dramatic ending of GLL Wingman VI, we can say with confidence that the tournament forru Natus Vincere was a success! The first and third places in total brought the Born to Win $ 12,500, and ru Recrent and ru BatulinS again became the best duet and defended the champion title obtained last season. Congratulations!

Prize pool distribution

1st place: ru NAVI Duo — $ 10,000
2nd place: zz Se7en Esports — $ 5,000
3rd place: ru NAVI — $ 2,500

The next games the ru NAVI squad of PUBG will be playing on February 25th. We expect four matches in the third season of the Unique League, the start of the first one is scheduled at 18:00 CET. Don't miss it! #NAVINATION