IEM Katowice 2019: victory versus AVANGAR

CS2 / News / 22 February 2019 — 18:08

NAVI secure a flawless 2:0 victory!

The next series of ua NAVI.GG.BET was against kz AVANGAR. The serie was full of intense moments, but in the end, ua Natus Vincere claim the series 2:0, securing a spot in the next stage!

Dust 2 - Natus Vincere [16:6] AVANGAR

The first game took place on Dust2. kz AVANGAR seized the lead initially after a good pistol round, and solidified their position on the map with an 0:3 on the board. However, the first gun round allowed ua NAVI to take the first point, and from there onward, we broke ahead. Our position on the map remained uncontested for 8 rounds straight — enough to secure the victory in the first half. At the 12th round, though, ua NAVI lost 3 members, and were left in a 2v4, which wasn't too favorable. That 1 round, though, didn't upset us at all, as we reset the opponent right after that, hitting the double digits. The first half ended with 11:4 on the board, and ru flamie was the star of the half with 22 kills to his name.

The second half started off with a lot of instability. Teams kept trading rounds, and ua NAVI were consistently planting the bomb in the rounds they won. That put us on a good economic foot, while kz AVANGAR were lagging behind still. Finally, we got to 15 points, and had 9 match points to work through. We didn't use any of those, though, as we went straight for the jugular — map 1 is sealed!

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
flamie 26-11 +15 119.8 1.89
Zeus 18-10 +8 87.5 1.39
s1mple 18-11 +7 77.8 1.36
electronic 14-10 +4 79.0 1.20
Edward 14-13 +1 66.0 0.96

Train - Natus Vincere [16:9] AVANGAR

The second map started off with ua NAVI, and we only managed to grab the second one before kz AVANGAR stepped up massively, getting 6 rounds in a row. After that, ua NAVI claimed 1 round, and so did kz AVANGAR. From that point onwards, though, ua NAVI dominated till the end of thalf, not allowing kz AVANGAR to come online. Eventually, we even caught up to the opponent — 7:7. The last round of the half didn't change a lot, as ua NAVI went into the second half with a minimal advantage — 8:7.

The second half started with ua NAVI winning the pistols, but failing to capitalize on it. kz AVANGAR seized the initiative, and claimed 4 rounds in a row, breaking ahead of ua NAVI. The maximum loss bonus kicked in, and we managed to snatch a round away from kz AVANGAR, but they returned the favor. The T side went for the buy, in an attempt to break our economy, but instead found themselves broken. ua NAVI used the opportunity brilliantly, closing in onto the match point. We had 5 match points to work with, but they weren't even needed — it only took us 1 round to seal the deal, with 16:11 on the board, and 3-1 in the groups!

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 22-14 +8 89.4 1.36
Edward 24-14 +10 87.9 1.34
electronic 20-19 +1 84.5 1.10
Zeus 12-14 -2 50.9 0.95
flamie 17-20 -3 64.2 0.82

Overall game stats

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 40-25 +15 84.2 1.34
flamie 43-31 +12 89.1 1.29
Edward 38-27 +11 78.1 1.17
electronic 34-29 +5 82.0 1.15
Zeus 30-24 +6 67.4 1.14