Unique League: interim results

PUBG / News / 26 February 2019 — 16:56

The results of the fourth day

The zz NAVI.GG.BET team overcame exactly half the distance in the online tournament named Unique League. Four game days behind us, the results of which we will tell you in this material.

Born to win took a great start and immediately headed the rating of the participants of the League. On the second competitive day, the guys were less fortunate, but the team did not drop below the second place of the tournament table.

Place Team Frags Total
1 zz AVANGAR 97 154
2 zz NAVI.GG.BET 91 144
3 zz Team Unique 98 140
4 zz ForZe Esports 92 132
5 zz LXG Esports
70 125
6 zz Red Diamonds 70 122
7 zz Unity 73 117
8 zz Se7en eSports 74 109
9 zz Tornado Energy 68 108
10 zz Team Spirit 62 96
11 zz Milkyway
52 79
12 zz Norbat 40 65
13 zz PVEshniki 31 64
14 zz ZYXX 31 49
15 zz Comeback 35 46
16 zz Vaevictis eSports 9 18

Despite the fact that our squad approached the third block of matches in the status of a favorite, the players had to undergo a serious test of strength. On Erangel, the guys only got to the top-2 once, and in other matches, they did not even make it to the top-8. After not a very impressive performance, the guys were able to rehabilitated on the desert map: fourth and second places with 12 kills in total.

A series of unsuccessful games continued on the fourth day — the team managed to get into the top only during the final match. Following the results of all five duels, the squad became only the tenth in the overall standings, which, however, had an insignificant effect on the situation as a whole.

Match # Result Map
1 12th place - 1 kill Erangel
2 9th place - 2 kills Erangel
3 2nd place - 6 kills Erangel
4 4th place - 3 kills Miramar
5 2nd place - 9 kills Miramar
6 6th place - 3 kills Erangel
7 15th place - 0 kill Erangel
8 10th place - 5 kills Erangel
9 14th place - 2 kills Miramar
10 3rd place - 8 kills Miramar

After half of the matches, zz NAVI has 144 points in the asset and the team confidently holds among the best in the CIS, second only to the longtime opponent — zz AVANGAR. The gap from the competitor is only 10 points.

We are confident that the “yellow-black” are able not only to close the gap but also to surpass the opponent in this race. This opportunity will be presented to the squad on February 27th. Follow the news and cheer for zz NAVI! #NAVINATION