New season and update 8.00!

News / 28 February 2019 — 17:24

The new season in Fortnite!

Along with the new Fortnite update 8.00 begins the eighth season! We examine all its features!

The first thing worth noting is the fact that a volcano has appeared on the island. As the developers say, the Prisoner, who escaped from the Ice Lord's castle, plunged into the fiery chaos of the island of Fortnite.

Along with the new season, the game also included a battle pass, which offers over 100 new exclusive awards. The price is 950 V-bucks. Everyone who buys immediately gets the equipment of the Blackheart and the Hybrid.

Among the main new features of the update 8.00 it is necessary to highlight the pirate cannon. As ammunition, you can use the cannonballs or even yourself.

  • — The gun launches the cannonballs and players for a great distance. In flight, the cannonball or the player can pierce through several objects. A powerful explosion occurs at the crash location, which deals damage and pushes nearby players.
  • — Enemies receive 100 damage if hit directly, and those who are in a small area of effect — 50 damage.
  • — Can be found in the game world.

There are also new areas that are available in the vicinity of the volcano that appeared, including the Sunny Steps and the Lazy Lagoon.

It is worth noting the appearance of two temporary modes — “50 vs 50” and “Close contacts”. In the first, two teams of 50 people fight each other, in the second, all participants in the match start a battle with a jetpack, and only available weapons are shotguns.

Developers also did not forget about the creative side and PVE—modes, adding a lot of new things. All of the features of the update can be found on the .