Natus Vincere R6 Siege roster is complete!

R6 / News / 2 March 2019 — 14:30

Natus Vincere Rainbow Six Siege roster is complete!

In Rainbow Six Siege by Ubisoft, ua Natus Vincere will be represented by five German players of the former de Mock-it Esports. Those are de ripz, de korey, de CRYNNN, captain of the team de KS and de Lazzo, previously holding the position of an analyst in the team.

de Tom «Vale» Riedel and team mentor de Eric «Reaper» Nohl were not included in the new roster. In the near future we will actively search for a new coach and analyst.

On March 6, the ua Natus Vincere Rainbow Six Siege team will gather for the bootcamp in Kyiv to prepare for the upcoming matches at the ESL Pro League season 9, as well as get acquainted with the organization and its fans. However, team's next bootcamps will take place at the NAVI's training base in Berlin.

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deNiklas «KS» Massierer
NAVI.R6 Siege captain

“It’s a pleasure for us to work together with one of the world leading organizations. From Orgless to Mock-it to NAVI, our final destination. Proud! I have to say thanks to NAVI for trusting us.”

byYaroslav «N1ghtEnd» Klochko
NAVI.R6 Siege manager

“Right now the team is undergoing the restructuring phase. The upcoming bootcamp is most welcome: we will have a week before the start of the second half of the Pro League season. We will use this time to revise the strategies, allocate roles and tasks in the team. Our immediate goal is to keep our spot at ESL Pro League.”

NAVI.R6 Siege roster:

de Niklas «KS» Massierer (captain)
de Jan «ripz» Hucke
de Lukas «korey» Zwingmann
de Pascal «CRYNNN» Alouane
de Lasse «Lazzo» Klie

by Yaroslav «N1ghtEnd» Klochko (manager)

Upcoming NAVI.R6 Siege matches at ESL Pro League S9:

March 14 at 22:45 CET — NAVI.GG.BET vs PENTA

March 21 at 20:15 CET — NAVI.GG.BET vs Team Empire
March 28 at 20:15 CET — NAVI.GG.BET vs LeStream Esport