All the essentials of PUBG Europe League

PUBG / News / 6 March 2019 — 13:37

Everything you need to know about PUBG Europe League

The developer company PUBG has prepared an informational course for the PUBG Europe League, which will be the most important tournament in 2019. We invite you to get acquainted with all the necessary information about the championship.

PUBG Europe League or PEL is the major league of PUBG in Europe, created jointly by PUBG Corp. and StarLadder. It is divided into three divisions: PEL, PEL Contenders and PEL Open.

In the top division of PEL — 16 best teams of the region. In the PEL Contenders, 32 teams are collected, claiming to enter the big leagues. Players at the amateur level begin their journey with the PEL Open.

The official start of the PUBG Europe League matches is scheduled for March 21. The League in 2019 will be divided into three phases. The first of them will last only 3 weeks: each game week will consist of 4 game days of 5 matches in each. Below is a detailed schedule of the first phase.

6 invited teams and 10 winners of qualifying competitions will play in the first phase of PEL. The full list of participants is presented below.

The remaining phases will last for eight weeks. The teams will fight for PEL points, which will determine the fate of slots for international tournaments at the end of each phase. The best teams by the end of all three phases will go to the world championship.

It should be noted that none of the participants will have to leave the PEL in the first phase because of its brevity. However, after the first week, the system will take an effect. Teams that take the bottom four lines at the end of the phase will go down in PEL Promotion, where they will compete with 12 strongest participants of PEL Contenders. The four PEL Promotion winners will go to the PEL, and the rest of the teams will drop to the PEL Contenders.

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