Happy Birthday, Yevhen Zolotarov!

News / 10 March 2019 — 10:08

Join the wishes!

Today we'd like to congratulate NAVI.GG.BET CEO ua Yevhen “HarisPilton” Zolotarov - the man, whose efforts made ua Natus Vincere one of the most successful esports clubs.

Even though Yevhen works behind the scenes very often, he is still an essential part of the mechanism, and contributes a lot to the development of the club. He is there to support in times of defeat, and cheers for the players when they win. Yevhen used to play professional Counter-Strike himself, so the love for the esports goes back a long way.

Under the leadership of Yevhen ua NAVI develops, gains new squads and employees, claims trophies and grows its influence. On behalf of ua Natus Vincere we wish Yevhen Happy Birthday and thank him for his devotion and striving for the best! We wish him to only move forward, becoming the best!

Happy birthday!