ESL Pro League Season 9: preview of League

R6 / News / 12 March 2019 — 18:41

The first NAVI.GG.BET game will start on March 15

On March 15, de NAVI.GG.BET will debut in the 9th season of the European ESL Pro League with a new tag. We decided to tell more about the organization of the Rainbow Six Siege tournament.

First of all, it should be noted that this is the second half of the season where de Natus Vincere players occupied the slot of the Mock-It Esports organization - along with the results and a place in the standings. Therefore, this will be their first performance under the yellow-black tag, and not the team as such.

As for the League, we are currently watching its regional part Following the results of these competitions, two teams will be determined who will become participants in the Pro League world finals. The team taking the last line will drop to the lower division, and the team on the penultimate place will fight in relegation matches. It is noteworthy that the prize fund of $ 27,000 will be distributed only between teams from third to 8th place.

World Champions - G2 Esports

ru Team Empire and eu LeStream Esports are now leading with 19 and 13 points respectively. The "Imperials" can still give up the first line, but such an outcome is unlikely. This is a very strong team that won silver at the last World Cup, losing only eu G2 Esports.

The European team eu LeStream Esports, in turn, is rather strong, but its advantage over the third place is only 2 points. In other words, they need to continue to show the same result in the League to not drop down The team was also a member of the past World Cup, but failed to go beyond the group stage.

The middle part of the table is extremely “dense”: the difference between the third and sixth places is only 4 points! In addition, all the teams can make it to the top: eu Penta Esports, eu mousesports, se Chaos Esports Club and the past world champion eu G2 Esports. In fact, it is eu G2 Esports should be most worried: the players under this tag are clearly unhappy with the position in the table, so they will try to do everything to end up in one of two places that allow them to participate in the ESL Pro League world finals.

Natus Vincere players on bootcamp

de Natus Vincere is on the second to last place. Given the small gaps between all the participants, the result isn't unsuccessful: there are 7 games ahead, which can help rise up quite a bit.

The last place is occupied eu Team Secret. It is noteworthy that this team has 6 losses and 1 victory - and that 1 victory is over the world champions eu G2 Esports! This clearly shows the unpredictability of each match and, as a result, the position of the teams in the tournament table.

  Team Win-draw-loss Victory-Defeat (maps) Map difference Points
1  ru Team Empire 6–1–0 48–25 + 23 19
2  eu LeStrean Esport 412 3731 + 6 13
3  eu PENTA Esports 3–2–2 39–40 - 1 11
4  eu mousesports 
3–1–3 35–35 0 10
5  eu G2 Esports 2–3–2 39–34 + 5 9
6  se Chaos Esports Club 3–0–4 32–34 -2 9
7  de NAVI.GG.BET 205 30–42 -12 6
8  eu Team Secret 1–0–6 27–46 19 3

The first match of de NAVI.GG.BET Rainbow Six Siege on March 15 at 22:45 CET. The rival of the "yellow-black" will be eu Penta Esports. Come support de Natus Vincere! #NAVINATION

NAVI.R6 Siege roster:

de Niklas "KS» Massierer (captain)
de Jan "ripz Hucke
de Lukas "korey" Zwingmann
de Pascal "CRYNNN" Alouane
de Lasse "Lazzo" Klie 

by Yaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko (manager)