ESL Pro League S6 Relegation: against SS

CS2 / News / 7 January 2018 — 07:52

20:00 CET, Bo3 format!

ua Natus Vincere begin vying for the spot in the ESL Pro League's seventh season, as they are set to take on tr Space Soldiers at 20:00 CET, January 7, in a Bo3.

ua NAVI ended up in relegation after finishing the previous season in the twelfth place with a total of 30 points, while tr Space Soldiers had to work their way through the ESEA MDL S26 regular season and outplay pl in a decider to make it to this stage.

The last time these two teams met was in the WCA 2017 qualifiers, where our five prevailed 2-1. Then, the maps were de_cbble, de_train and de_overpass, but it seems unlikely that the Turkish team will pick cobblestone in today's game. Instead, they will most likely opt for either de_mirage (10 wins and 5 losses over the past three months) or de_inferno (8 wins and 2 losses).

Our boys are positioned well to start the season off on the right foot after a productive bootcamp. Tune in to support them in ESL Pro League Relegation! #gonavi

20:00 CET

best of 3

Natus Vincere 
  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Zeus
  • Edward
  • flamie

Space Soldiers
  • ngiN
  • paz
  • MAJ3R
  • Calyx