ESL Pro League Season 9: draw with PENTA Sports

R6 / News / 15 March 2019 — 22:49

The Bo1 ended with 6L6 on the board

de NAVI.GG.BET debuted at ESL Pro League Season 9 Rainbow Six Siege with a fight against eu PENTA Esports. A very intense game ended with a draw, as both de NAVI and eu PENTA secure 6 rounds.

Oregon — Natus Vincere [6:6] PENTA

Thatcher, Maverick, Smoke and Mira were banned. eu PENTA started on the defense side. de NAVI went for the default big tower attack, finding the B bomb at 1:39. de NAVI rushed in at 40 seconds, almost planting the defuser, but unfortunately dropped it. Still, that didn't stop us, as the fierce fight that broke out saw de NAVI take out more enemy operators. Round 1 goes our way. A bomb was found at 2:40 — quite early on, but we weren't able to capitalize on it just yet. Fights were breaking out all, and de KS was the first one to fall. The situation soon turned quite sour with 2v4. eu PENTA take the round. The third round saw de Korey fall first; still, we found the B bomb at 1:32. de Lazzo planted the defuser, and closed out the round, killing all the opponents.

de NAVI found the B bomb during the preparation phase with the drones, so they had a heads-up. We went in from the roof; enemy Mute had a good position in the laundry — this staircase proved to be fatal for us. As the timer was running down, we had to attack to plant, and eu PENTA were ready. The round goes their way. The next one, though, was rather slow until the very end, when de NAVI got the opportunity to ambush the opponent, claiming yet another point — we got the lead, but only for 1 round, as eu PENTA retaliated. The first half ends with 3:3.

The second half had de NAVI on the defense. We lost Jäger early on, and eu PENTA found the bomb at 1:24. The opponent managed to plant the defuser, defending it with the best effort — de NAVI loses the round. In the next round, we lost Mute at 1:40, and eu PENTA tried to abuse that opening. Maestro died a minute later, and soon de NAVI were in a 1v5. eu PENTA gained 2 point advantage.

The round already had just 1 minute left, and the attackers were using the drones very actively. Very timely deployment of abilities from de NAVI secured us several kills right off the bat — de NAVI seized the majority. eu PENTA lost an operator before 2 minutes, and that proved to be a very important kill - almost no grenades left for the attack. The game boiled down to 5:5 score.

The opponent found B bomb at 2:35, but were approaching very slow — a very quick exchange of kills resulted in a 1v1. de NAVI almost pulled off the defuse, but at the last second, our last player got killed — match point for eu PENTA. The opponent found A bomb at 2:12, but yet again, approached it very slowly. That bode quite well for us, as a couple of crucial kills left eu PENTA with just about no grenades. The game ended in a draw — 6:6.