Paladins World Championship 2018: One step closer

News / 7 January 2018 — 13:13

Natus Vincere claim a hard-fought victory

eu Natus Vincere come off victorious after a hard-fought Bo7, knocking ar Nocturns Gaming out of the tournament and moving one step closer to becoming world champions.

In what was one of the most difficult matches of the entire championship, our boys were able to halt the momentum of ar Nocturns Gaming which they gained after wins against a number of formidable opponents and a big victory against the winners of Paladins Premier League Finals, ru

After a relatively easy first map, the outcome of the game was expected to be one-sided, as it saw eu Natus Vincere flawlessly secure all four rounds. However, ar Nocturns Gaming managed to strike back on the second map, showing an incredible drive to succeed and pulling off a 4-3 win.

Prominently, the ensuing two maps played out in the exact same way, as our team first secured a confident 4-0 win and then fell 3-4 in a tight battle. We managed to win back the control over the game on the fifth map and took the initiative in the sixth, but the opponents managed to bounce back from the 1-3 deficit to take the game to a decisive, seventh map.

The final map went our way, 4-1. Still, it was a very hard-fought match, with the opponents being quick to retaliate and fight back. Despite the pressure, eu Natus Vincere managed to close out the series and are moving on to the grand final! #gonavi