LeetDesk becomes Natus Vincere’s partner

News / 26 March 2019 — 13:43

Manufacturer of desktops for gamers, LeetDesk, becomes our partner and provides its desk to our bootcamps.

Esports community is obsessed with gaming PCs and peripherals and forget about the main thing – the place where these precious devices are placed – a desktop. LeetDesk is the leading gaming desktop manufacturer who understands all benefits perfectly fitted desktop brings to a player.

Sitting at a desk that’s not at an optimal height leads to discomfort and therefore a lower performance in-game. LeetDesk is the first desktop with the electrical height-adjustability system to set a perfect height for you to improve your gaming. Also, LeetDesk’s signature “Close-to-Action” tabletop cut-out allows you to sit closer to the desk and therefore right in the action. Comfortably rest your arms on the desk to achieve maximum performance and avoid fatigue and injuries. Further add-ons make sure that your gaming experience will be as good and organized as it gets.

LeetDesk comes in three possible sizes with different amount of available add-ons for them. You can add a free range monitor arm that helps you achieve the perfect viewing angle for your gaming experience. Also, it is possible to hang your PC in this size-adjustable PC Holder to remove cable clutter under and behind your LeetDesk. Adding a cable management rail helps you to keep your cables organized and out of sight, so your gaming station looks nice and clean. Check all range of LeetDesk products !

We, in turn, can’t get enough of the fact that the first LeetDesk tables found its place on our bootcamp in Berlin, where our PUBG squad was lucky enough to test them first. Check a quick review from ru Sadovnik while waiting for more great content from Berlin!