Congratulations to AlphaAmons with his birthday!

News / 27 March 2019 — 11:27

Happy birthday!

Today one of the newly joined members of ua NAVI.GG.BET celebrates his birthday: the Born to Win player of Fortnite se Daniel “AlphaAmons” Johansson is 20 years old!

se AlphaAmons joined the organization only in January 2019, but already managed to establish himself as an incredibly diligent and motivated player who is ready to give his best to achieve an outstanding result. His hard work has already given the first fruits: under the yellow-black banners, Daniel and his partner entered the top 20 duets in the recognized championship, the ESL One Katowice Royale.

There is no doubt that this can be considered the starting point for the long and interesting career path of se AlphaAmons. Ahead of him lies new challenges, the nearest of them will be the qualification for the . On behalf of the club, we wish Daniel to show everything he is capable of, and successfully pass this test, as well as honorably perform in the main stage of the tournament.

We wish him success and hope that the cooperation with ua NAVI will be productive, long-term and enjoyable for each of the parties. May the Born to Win be successful in all endeavors, and let each new day bring a lot of positive emotions and bright feelings! #NAVINATION