NAVI win the world championship!

News / 7 January 2018 — 19:23

Born to win are the world champions

eu Natus Vincere prevail over eu Fnatic with a 4:0score, topping the PWC 2018 to become world champions. Congratulations!

Our path to victory was not an easy one. The boys had to make it through the wild-card round first to win a coveted spot in the final stage and then clashed against some of the strongest teams on the LAN.

Featured on the list of our Atlanta's opponents were such formidable squads as in Entity Gaming, cn Dream, us G2 Esports, ar Nocturns Gaming and, finally, eu Fnatic. None of them, however, was able to find the way to stop our boys on their way to victory.

We are proud to see our boys win the main prize of Hi-Rez Expo's Paladins World Championship 2018 and congratulate them on becoming world champions! #gonavi