PPL 2019: the first victory!

News / 29 March 2019 — 19:05

4 : 0 — great result!

eu NAVI.GG.BET takes their first victory in the new season of the Paladins Premier League! With a score of 4 : 0 “yellow-black” beats the representative of North America — ua Renegades.

The first map of the best of 7 series was Brightmarsh, where our guys immediately showed their claims to win. The eu Natus Vincere players played superbly, without giving the opponent even one round to their assets. The second map, Stone Keep, went through a similar scenario, although the representatives of ua Renegades managed to snap back and pick up one round for themselves. However, this didn't help the enemy, and the “yellow-blacks” eventually won four rounds in a row - 2 : 0.


The third map was the most equal in the whole series. The ua Renegades players on Splitstone Quarry fought and even led with the 3-1 score. However, our guys took all their strength and eventually managed to snatch the victory — 4 : 3 rounds! The Ice Mines map was the last: despite a good game played by the enemy, eu Natus Vincere players won — 4-2.

As a result, the “yellow-black” takes the first victory in the new season of the Paladins Premier League, beating the ua Renegades — 4 : 0. The next match for our team is scheduled for April 4, the opponent will be the ua Pittsburgh Knights. We are sure that the guys will be well prepared for it and will once again delight the fans with a great game! #NAVINATION