Pro League S9: defeat in the match against LeStream Esport

R6 / News / 30 March 2019 — 16:55

Recap of the match

The de NAVI.GG.BET showed a good game in the match againsteu LeStream Esport, but still lost — 5: 7. The position of the “yellow-blacks” in the standings after this match has not changed.

The first thing to mention is that our guys fought with the team, which is on the second place of the tournament standings. This foreshadowed a tough match, and as a result, the concerns were confirmed: the game was very tense.

The map on which the match took place was Villa, and among banned operatives were Dokkaebi, Maverick, Mira, and Echo. de NAVI players started from the attacking side.

Villa — NAVI [5: 7] LeStream Esport

The first four rounds went back and forth, as one or the other team came out as winners of the rounds. The fifth round turned out to be completely unsuccessful for de NAVI: the “yellow-blacks” lost all their operatives in the attack and did not kill anyone in return — 2 : 3 in favor of eu LeStream Esport.

It seemed that such an unfortunate round would be a significant impact on the morale of our team, but it turned out the opposite: the players of de Natus Vincere had a great attack in the next round, killing all enemy operatives one after another. And the guys have not lost anyone in that round, and thus again reduced the series to a draw — 3: 3.

Kick-off - 1:47:38

In the next round, the teams swapped sides, and our players had to defend. The enemy tried to experiment with the different setup of operatives, but they did not succeed, which eventually led to the de NAVI's victory, and our team led the series — 4: 3.

However, in the next round, the enemy had an excellent attack, in which they lost only one operative, and killed everyone on the side of NAVI, equalizing the score. The ninth round was held in a similar style: once again, one loss and elimination of all the operatives of de Natus Vincere. 4 : 5 — eu LeStream Esport players took the lead.

Our guys won the next round in part due to the mistake of the opponent who shot his own ally. As a result, the fate of the teams was decided in the last two sweepstakes.

The eleventh round was very tense, and in the end, only one representative of each team remained alive. Despite the fact that the final kill was made by the de NAVI player, the enemy managed to defuse the bomb and thus led the score. Alas, our guys did not succeed in reducing the series to a draw: the eu LeStream Esport players had a good attack in the final round and won the match — 7: 5.

The de NAVI team continues to occupy the penultimate line in the standings of the Pro League Season 9 — Europe, just 3 points behind eu mousesports. The next match with the participation of "yellow-black" will be held on April 5, the opponent will be these Chaos Esports Club. #NAVINATION