NAVI.GG.BET — in BLAST Pro Series Madrid

CS2 / News / 2 April 2019 — 15:52

Natus Vincere will attend BLAST Pro Series Madrid!

The organizers of the BLAST Pro Series Madrid invited ua NAVI.GG.BET to take part in a new tournament of this series! Competitions will be held May 10-11. The venue will be the Madrid Arena multi-purpose complex with a capacity of 12,000 spectators. The prize pool of the championship is $ 250,000. In addition to the “yellow-blacks”, dk Astralis received a direct invitation to BLAST Pro Series Madrid.

The format of the tournament will remain the same. Thus, each team will play each other on one map, and according to the results of the group stage, the two best teams will be known, who will pass to the grand final, where they will fight in the best of 3 match.

In addition, the audience can expect a show match! Recall that the winner will receive an additional cash prize of $ 20,000. The team that takes the third place in the group stage, and the opponent of its choice (out of those remaining) will be the ones to duke it out in the show match. The format of this game will include five duels 1 vs 1.

We believe that ua NAVI players will honorably perform in Madrid and add a new title to their track record! #NAVINATION