News / 8 January 2018 — 11:54

Amazing victory!

The World Championship for Paladins is over. Our team made a long journey to the grand final of this event, defeating every rival in its way. At last we faced eu Fnatic in the epic best of 7 series.

The match promised to be a fantastic and not only because it was the final of the world's two most powerful teams, but also because the rivals were principle. The teams had fought against each other numerous times long before they signed contracts with eu Natus Vincere and eu Fnatic eSports clubs. That's why the atmosphere was indeed heated.

Before the beginning of the match, the Born to Win were its favourites, since our line-up hasn't lost a single game at the event. Meanwhile, eu Fnatic hadn't been as successful. They'd been defeated by us G2 Esports in the group stage. Later on this line-up was overcome by eu NAVI.

Despite the level of the match, eu Natus Vincere imposed its play on the rival from the very beginning of the match. In the first game, our team was totally dominating the map, and eu Fnatic couldn't win a single round. The second game of the series was more intensified, since our rivals pulled themselves together and won a couple of rounds. However, it was insufficient and the Born to Win eventually won this game 4-2.

The third map was the crown of the match: it was tense and we saw many beautiful combos along with a bright final. The confrontation had all we love about the competitive Paladins! In this encounter it was eu NAVI that had to catch up with the rival, so the fans were a bit scared in the beginning. However, our team managed to defeat the rival in the end!

The fourth map of the series was the last: despite eu Fnatic put every effort to win this game and take the chance to make a comeback in the final match, eu Natus Vincere didn't give them opportunity to win. The final score of the game was 4-1. As a result our team won the grand final of the World Championship 4-0 and brought the first cup to our organization in the year of 2018! Congratulations and thanks so much guys! You are awesome and we're proud of you! #gonavi

0:25:20 — beginning of the match