StarSeries S7: NAVI.GG.BET — to the playoffs!

CS2 / News / 3 April 2019 — 01:53

NAVI.GG.BET will perform in the "Baoshan Sports Center"!

After beating ua NRG Esports, ua NAVI.GG.BET got its place at the StarSeries S7 playoffs! The Born to Win will get to know their opponent after the fifth game day when all participants of the playoffs will be determined.

The tournament for ua Natus Vincere did not start well: the team faced a defeat in a match against cn ViCi (3:16 - Inferno; 16: 6 - Train; 16: 7 - Nuke). After the failure in the first round, the guys managed to get together and showed an excellent game in a match against the German team de BIG. The game on both maps of the match was dictated by our team and ended with a comfortable advantage (16: 3 - Mirage; 16: 11 - Dust2).

In the pool of teams with 1–1 statistics, the fate has brought the Born to Win to face against se NiP. Leading up to the match, our team had nine maps won in a row against the Swedish five. Unfortunately, the win streak was destined to stop — ua NAVI suffered a defeat on Dust2 (11:16). All though after that, ua Natus Vincere was able to rehabilitate by winning Nuke (16:13) and Mirage (16: 4).

Thus, the guys got the first chance to go to the playoffs. For this to happen, coach ua Kane and co had to beat ua NRG. This task was successfully handled by the Born to Win. The final result is 2: 0 (16: 9 - Inferno; 16: 13 - Mirage).

It is worth noting that ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev with rating 1.44 became one of the best players not only as part of the Born to Win but also among all participants of the tournament. Sasha also had the best KD difference (+ 97) and average kills per round (0.96).

As a result, the Born to Win completed the group stage with the statistics of 3–1 and were in the second tier of the teams that reached the playoffs. The final stage of the tournament will take place on April 5–7, and ua NAVI will get to know their opponent at the end of the match on Wednesday. We hope that our players will be able to effectively use the remaining time until Thursday and get ready for the quarterfinal match! #NAVINATION