Happy Birthday, KS!

R6 / News / 3 April 2019 — 21:00


Today, the Born to Win celebrate a joyous event — de NAVI.GG.BET Rainbow Six Siege de Niklas «KS» Massierer's birthday! Despite the fact that Niklas quite recently, he has already managed to establish himself as an incredibly hardworking and talented player.

de KS entered the game stage since the very beginning when the game was still in alpha; after a few months, he started performing at various national and international LANs in multi-national teams.

Niklas received invaluable competitive experience at Six Invitational 2019 and at the main stage of Pro League Season 8, but now the player will have to use his knowledge and skills to defend the yellow-black banner. At the moment, the team is fighting in the European division of and is preparing for the upcoming tournaments.

On behalf of the club, we join all the congratulations addressed to de KS. We are sure that cooperation with him will certainly become productive and will bring de NAVI many trophies. Born to Win want Niklas to achieve success in all endeavors, move only forward and do not forget to please fans with streams. Happy birthday!