StarSeries S7: victory over Renegades

CS2 / News / 6 April 2019 — 12:37

A win over Renegades with a score 2 : 1

In the semifinals, ua NAVI defeated au Renegades (2 : 1). The next opponent in the grand final is to be determined, we will find out in a few hours when the match between se fnatic and ua NRG is over.

Inferno  Natus Vincere [16: 5] Renegades

In the pistol round, au Renegades demonstrated a well-thought-out strategy that brought them their first point. au Renegades did not have to wait long for a response in the next round, our guys won the force buy. The successful completion of the arms round provided our top five comfortable leadership (5: 1).

As soon as the economic situation of the au Renegades stabilized, they won two rounds in a row and left the CT side out of their money. The damage that ua NAVI has done to opponents during eco had a major impact on subsequent events. Thus, after the failure in the next round, au Renegades began to experience financial difficulties. The opponent did not manage to get a lot of points in the attack, and they lost the first half of the meeting with a score of 4:11.

In order to increase the chances of a comeback for the defense side, au Renegades had to preferably win either a pistol round or a force buy. Australian players failed to achieve any of these points. Winning the buy round, ua NAVI got an excellent opportunity to finish the meeting in the next rounds. ua Natus Vincere players coolly took advantage of this chance and beat au Renegades on Inferno 16: 5.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
S1mple 23-8 +15 123.8 1.91
flamie 21-9 +12 98.4 1.63
electroNic 18-8 +10 79.6 1.44
Edward 15-11 +4 72.2 1.24
Zeus 14-11 +3 78.3 1.22

Mirage - Natus Vincere [8:16] Renegades

In the first pistol, the Australian team lost only one player. Same as a pistol round, the buy round went with minimal losses for the au Renegades. In the next buy round, our guys tried to break through the defense of the B-plant, but failed. au Renegades led the match with a score of 6 : 0.

Another failure forced the Born to Win to use time out. Our guys managed to interrupt the winning streak of au Renegades in the ninth round. Completing the second consecutive draw in their favor, ua NAVI left the CT side without money. At the end of the first half of the meeting, ua Natus Vincere players pulled themselves together and reduced the score to 5:10.

The second pistol, in which ru electroNic made three frags, as well as the economic rounds, went to the ua NAVI's side. The “yellow-blacks” also won the buy round but then the rivals force buy, they didn't manage — no jkaem made an ace.

These events gave au Renegades the opportunity to increase the difference in the score to five points (8:13). Apparently, the failure of ua NAVI during the force buy of the opponent was the beginning of an end. au Renegades got seven match points and executed the first one. The final result — 16: 8.

Train — Natus Vincere [16: 4] Renegades

Despite the bomb being planted, our players had an excellent B-plant retake and lost only one player. au Renegades took the risk and made a force buy. The risk paid off the Australians scored their first point on Train. Fortunately, our players repay the opponent with the same coin, executing a force buy round.

au Renegades only in the eighth round, managed to win a second point, as well as for the first time kill ru electroNic on the third map (15-2-1 statistics). All subsequent attacks of the Australian team were onto plant B. The result — two failures and one effective approach. At the end of the first half of the meeting, au Renegades scored another point and lost with the score 4 : 11.

In the second stretch of the Train, the start of the draw went to ua NAVI's favor: the guys won the pistol round, force buy and eco. The last chance for au Renegades to hold on to this game was the eighteenth round, but the Australians did not manage to do anything. ua NAVI beat au Renegades on Train 16: 4.

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
electroNic 27-7 +20 126.5 2.17
S1mple 23-8 +15 110.2 1.72
flamie 16-11 +5 100.0 1.40
Edward 16-11 +5 68.0 1.27
Zeus 8-10 -2 51.5 0.96

The overall match statistics

Natus Vincere
Player Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
S1mple 72-32 +40 115.6 1.71
electroNic 57-34 +23 89.0 1.41
flamie 48:38 +10 80.9 1.19
Edward 44-42 +2 69.1 1.07
Zeus 31-62 -12 58.2 0.84