Pro League S9: defeat in a match against Chaos EC

R6 / News / 6 April 2019 — 13:42

3 : 7 — defeat

On the eleventh week of the ninth season of the Pro League, the de NAVI.GG.BET team met with the se Chaos Esports Club. Unfortunately, our guys lost to this opponent.

The map of choice was Border. The banned operatives were Ying, Maverick, Mira, and Echo.

Border — NAVI [3: 7:] Chaos EC

The game for our team started from the attacking side. Yellow-black had a great round, without losing a single operative, and won it at 1:40 already. The second round went according to the same scenario: once again, a successful attack and killing all of the se Chaos Esports Club operatives - 2: 0 in favor of de NAVI!

The third round was somewhat chaotic: although our team made important frags, but missed the time and could not complete what was started — 2: 1. In the next round, the enemy had already demonstrated excellent defense: the se Chaos Esports Club players had foreseen all the actions of the “yellow-blacks” and, one by one, destroyed the operatives — 2: 2.

Kick-off - 2:09:25

The fifth round of “yellow-black” started well, but the slow paste game didn't go in favor of the team, as the time of the round run out. The next de NAVI attack was swift, and the score was 3: 3.

After six rounds, the teams changed sides. The players of se Chaos Esports Club had a great four rounds, won each of them and eventually won the match with a score of 7: 3.

Game statistics of the match

The next match with the participation of de NAVI in the ninth season of the Pro League will be held on April 12 (starting at 21:30 CEST). Our guys will be facing the team eu mousesports. #NAVINATION