BLAST Pro Series Miami: Day 1

CS2 / News / 12 April 2019 — 10:54

The first day will have 2 Bo1's

The first game day (April 12-13) at BLAST Pro Series Miami will see ua NAVI.GG.BET play 2 matches — against br MIBR(starts at 23:00 CEST) and dk Astralis (starts at 00:30 CEST). Both games will be Bo1.

The latest tournament with the participation of the Brazilian team was StarSeries S7. ua MIBR did not perform well - it beat only cn Panda Gaming and left the competition at the group stage, taking the 12-14 place. After the reunion, aside from StarSeries, the Brazilians took part in three more championships and showed disappointing results. So, having reached the semi-finals in Katowice, the guys took the places 5-8 at WESG (lost to bg Windigo Gaming) and last place at BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo (lost all matches).

The end of the game day will seeua Natus Vincere fight dk Astralis. After the triumphant performance in Katowice, the Danes claimed the champion title at BLAST Pro Series Sao Paolo, defeating ua Team Liquid in the final (2: 1). In addition, in 2019, dk Astralis had an impressive win rate - 28 wins and only four defeats. Three defeats came from ua Team Liquid and one – from au Renegades.

The last encounter between ua NAVI and br MIBR happened at BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen. Our squad claimed the victory - 14:16 (Overpass). As for games with dk Astralis, we have played them at BLAST Pro Series, too, but in Lisbon: teams played 4 maps, and ua NAVI managed to only snatch one (Overpass – 7 : 16, grand final). We believe that at this BLAST Pro Series guys will please the fans with a beautiful game and stop dkAstralis domination! #NAVINATION

BLAST Pro Series Miami (BO1)
April 12 at 23:00 CEST and April 13 at 00:30 CEST
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