cYpheR and clawz at TwitchCon

APEX / News / 12 April 2019 — 19:34

TwitchCon Europe Showdown 2019 will be held April 13

On April 13, the TwitchCon Europe Showdown 2019 will be held in Apex Legends discipline, the participants of which are by NAVI.GG.BET players — by Alexei cYpheR” Yanushevsky and by Nikita “clawz” Marchinsky.

This championship is interesting by the fact that a large number of streamers will take part in it, who will play in the same squad with professional players. by Natus Vincere players will perform in two different squads.

Tournament schedule
Stage Teams Results
first qualifiers  Sweeties: by NAVI.cYpheR, ru Unique.Standin, ru Unique.mstrbtr 3rd place — $ 5 800
second qualifiers  Catharsis: by NAVI.clawz, de NAVI.KS, ua Xron 3rd place — $ 5 106
finals  Catharsis + Sweeties 13th place / 13th place



21:20 — Catharsis and Sweeties took the 13th place of the championship. Each team earned $ 10 500 in prize winnings.

18:30 — Finals [LIVE]

16:35 — Catharsis: by NAVI.clawz, de NAVI.KS, ua Xron also successfully went through the qualifing stage! Waiting for the final stage now!

12:30 — The matches of the second qualifiers will start soon.
POV of the players: by , de и ua .

12:35 — Second qualifier will start at 13:30. Cheering for Catharsis (NAVI.clawz, NAVI.KS, Xron)!

12:30 — Sweeties: by NAVI.cYpheR, ru Unique.Standin, ru Unique.mstrbtr — advanced to the final stage!

8:00 — ua NAVI Rainbow Six Siege player de Niklas «KS» Massierer will play together with by NAVI.clawz and ua Xron. .

The position of teams after the first final game(out of 3):

NAVI.GG.BET schedule
Players Start time (CEST) Match page
by Alexei cYpheR” Yanushevsky 09:30
by Nikita "clawz" Marchinsky 13:30

The tournament itself consists of three parts - two qualifications and the main stage. In each of the stages, there will be 20 teams, and there is already 6 invited teams to the final stage. It is noteworthy that in one of them there is a former ua Natus Vincere player, ru Anton “COOLLERZ” Singov.

The total prize pool of the tournament is $ 500,000: $ 75,000 is distributed between two qualifying stages, and $ 350,000 is allocated to the main stage. The start of the first qualifying matches of the tournament is scheduled for 09:30, the second one starts at 13:30. The final stage will start at 19:00.

clawz and cYpheR

Join the live broadcast of this championship and support ua NAVI players in the first tournament for them under the "yellow-black" banner! Also, note that each of the participants of the tournament will broadcast from the first person on a personal twitch stream. #NAVINATION

Second qualifier results:

First qualifier results:

Prizepool distribution for the qualifiers stage (for one match):

Prizepool distribution for the final stage (for one match):

NOtable tournament participants:

— AndyPyro
— xQc
— nmplol