Fortnite World Cup: Qualifiers kick-off

News / 14 April 2019 — 08:59

The start of the matches is scheduled for 18:00 CEST

April 13 starts the qualifying stage of the Fortnite World Cup with a prize fund of $ 30 000 000. The first week of qualifiers will be held in Solo mode.

The qualifiers will last ten game weeks, during which the SOLO and DUO modes will alternate. Solo competitions will start at 18:00 CEST: participants will be given three hours to spend ten matches and score as many points as possible. The best 3000 players will go to the final stage, which will begin on April 14 at 18:00 CEST.

Sunday competitions will be held according to the same rules as today's matches, but before they start, all points scored on Saturday will be reset. At the end of each week, the best participants will compete with each other for $ 1 000 000 prize pot and get tickets to the Fortnite World Cup final.

13.04 — se AlphaAmons — 47 points, se Bowman — 10 points. 

14.04 — Final stage (OVER) 

Unfortunately, the matches will not be broadcasted. We will update the results of the fights at the end of the day. Stay tuned and follow the success of se AlphaAmons and se Bowman! #NAVINATION


Solo competition
1 st place: 10 points
2–5th places: 7 points
6–15th places: 5 points
16–25th places: 3 points

For each kill, players get an extra point.