Details on BLAST Pro Series Global Final

CS2 / News / 13 April 2019 — 10:09

The final BLAST championship will be held at the end of the year!

The organizer of the tournament series BLAST Pro Series shared the details of the final tournament in 2019, in which four teams will play for the total amount of $ 500,000. Thus, this year, the total sum of all BLAST Pro championships is $ 2.25 million, including seven different country stops with a prize fund of $ 250,000 and the final tournament ($ 500,000).

BLAST Pro Series Global Final will be held in December, the venue has not yet been announced. In this championship, the four best teams will perform in accordance with the BLAST rating system of tournaments. You can view the current standings of the teams below.

The final BLAST Pro Series tournament will be held in the format of single elimination, best of 3. The winner will get $ 350,000. Points in each championship are awarded as follows: the first place gets ten points, and each subsequent place - two points less. Participation in the season was confirmed by seven teams, each of which will be able to participate only in five tournaments out of seven.

For the Born to Win, the BLAST Pro Series Miami will be the first in this season, so the guys will have at least four more attempts to earn enough points to get to the top 4 and attend the final championship. It is known that in May ua Natus Vincere will take part in the BLAST Pro Series Madrid. We believe that ua NAVI will successfully manage with the task and will perform well at the BLAST Pro Series Global Final! #NAVINATION