Pro League S9: loss in a match against mousesports

R6 / News / 13 April 2019 — 07:05

3 : 7 — loss in a match against mousesports

On the twelfth week in the ninth season of the Pro League, the de NAVI.GG.BET faced the team eu mousesports. Alas, the meeting ended with the defeat for the “yellow-blacks” with a score of 3: 7.

Villa was the map of choice. Glaz, Maverick, Mira and Echo were banned.

Villa — NAVI [3: 7] mousesports

The match began for our team from an attacking position. Already in the first round, the “yellow-blacks” besieged the enemy, however, they did not have time to complete what they started, since time had run out. This problem has been already noticed in previous games of deNAVI. But in the second round, the enemy had their defense up and ready and killed all the operatives of our team  0: 2 in favor of the “mice”.

Nevertheless, the guys did not intend to surrender ahead of time: in the third round, the players of de Natus Vincere killed all the enemy operatives and took the round into their asset. Alas, the “yellow-black” courage was enough for only one round: all remaining attempts to attack ended in failure. Our guys came to the side switching with the score 1: 6.

The first round of the de NAVI defense was not bad, using a peculiar operative like Kapkan. Despite the rather skeptical mood of the audience, the “yellow-blacks” managed to defend themselves and took the round  2: 6. The subsequent round was also won by our team, which gave hope for a comeback.


Despite the numerical advantage in the 10th round, our guys still lost  3: 7. As a result, the de Natus Vincere team currently occupies the last line of the tournament table, and it is necessary to win the two remaining matches. However, the opponents are extremely serious: eu Team Secret is in the penultimate place and will do everything not to fall to the last line; eu G2 Esports, in turn, is the world champion. Let's believe in the “yellow-black” and hope that they can achieve a positive result in the two remaining fights. #NAVINATION