The first rival of NAVI at ELEAGUE BOSTON MAJOR announced

CS2 / News / 10 January 2018 — 10:30

The first rival is Quantum Bellator Fire!

Recently, the seeding of the first stage of ELEAGUE Boston Major has been announced. In the first game of The New Challengers, ua Natus Vincere will encounter the Russian team ru Quantum Bellator Fire.

Take a look at the other matchups of the first round:
ua Natus Vincere — ru Quantum Bellator Fire
au Renegades — ru Vega Squadron
eu mousesports — kz AVANGAR
eu FaZe — us Team Liquid
ru FlipSid3 — us Misfits
de Sprout — tr Space Soldiers
fr G2 — cn Flash
us Cloud9 — fr EnVyUs

The first stage of the Boston major will be played under the Swiss system. There will be 16 teams and five best of 1 rounds. The rivals are known only in the first round. After it, the rivals will be determined basing on the results of the teams in the first round. The stage will continue until a team wins or loses in three games. Three victories will guarantee the advancement to the next stage. Those who lost 3 times will have to leave the tournament.

As a reminder, the first stage of ELEAGUE Boston Major will be held on 12-15 January in Atlanta. Eight best teams of the stage will advance to the second stage of the competition The New Legends (previously known as a group stage of the major). It will take place on 19-22 January. The total prize pool of the event will be $1.000.000.