Happy birthday Faenex!

News / 26 April 2019 — 07:19

Best wishes!

Today, in the camp of the "yellow-blacks" we celebrate a great occasion — the birthday of one of the players of the Paladins squad namely nl Kai "Faenex" van Duppen. Kai joined ua NAVI.GG.BET in July 2017 and spent more than one successful season in the camp of the Born to Win.

Natural charm, exceptional talent, and outstanding player skills helped nl Faenex instantly enlist the love and support of thousands of fans who enjoy watching his performances in the official matches and on his streams. It is important that in the personal asset of Kai there are numerous victories and, most importantly, the world champion title. Of course, he will not stop there! We are proud that nl Faenex defends the yellow-black colors, and we can confidently call this cooperation productive. Nevertheless, we are sure that the major victories are still ahead of him!

On behalf of ua Natus Vincere, we all join and congratulate Kai on his birthday, and we want to wish him to always move only forward, conquering new heights! May the Born to Win be successful in all endeavors, and let each new day bring a lot of positive emotions and exciting experiences! Happy birthday!