Update #28: NAVI.GG.BET players' opinions

PUBG / News / 1 May 2019 — 16:46

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On April 24, update # 28 went live on the main PUBG servers: game developers added the "Weapon Mastery" feature and also increased the amount of loot dropped on Erangel. We decided to find out what ru NAVI.GG.BET players think about these new changes.

— Developers made some changes on the map Erangel, increasing the total number of items spawned by 28%. Are you happy with this change? Are there any other maps that require such changes?

ruArsenii "ceh9" Ivanychev
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“In general, I am satisfied with the changes, but in theory you can add some more loot. The same thing must be done on Miramar.

ruAndrey «Bestoloch» Ionov

“I would say that I am pleased if I'd find more weapons. But for me personally, the amount of loot didn’t seem to increase.

ruRoman "ADOUZ1E" Zinovev
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“Yes, now you can get a little faster loot and shoot more. I would also increase the amount of loot on Miramar, probably. "

ruVadim "POKAMOLODOY" Ulshin
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“The main problem on map Erangel is loot, there is still not enough of it. Satisfied, but need more. All other maps are more or less balanced in terms of loot.

— The damage from sniper rifles was also reduced. AWM no longer kills a player with full health and T-2-armor in one torso shot. Are these changes reasonable? Are there any other weapons that need nerfs?

ru ceh9: SR were too strong, and the developers quickly realized this. Personally, I would nerf SLR, because it is still the most overpowered weapons.

ru Bestoloch: Of course, AWM had to be rebalanced. The rest of the weapons, I think, are balanced.

ru ADOUZ1E: Well, with fix of AWM and SR in general, I do agree, they should only kill full hp guys with a headshot. I do not think that you need to nerf something, right now the game is balanced.

ru POKAMOLODOY: I'm not a sniper, and right now the tournament is played on another client, which is patch # 26. Generally, the SLR needs a nerf probably.

— How do you like the new team interface? Has it become easier to play with information on the number of active boosts?

ru ceh9: The interface is fine, it takes time to get used to it.

ru Bestoloch: Yes, the only good innovation, in my opinion, in this whole patch.

ru ADOUZ1E: Something new, but in general, nothing changes for me.

ru POKAMOLODOY: As for me, it is an unnecessary feature. It wont give any useful information.

— What are the main problems of PUBG that needs to be addressed? What functions are still missing in the game?

ru ceh9: Functions such as counting all the shots when hitting an opponent, as well as optimization of servers and the game in general :)

ru Bestoloch: The problems in PUBG are the same: they register shots when you are behind the walls, sometimes it doesn't register shots at all, problems with FPS. But in the first place is the problem with the optimization of the game.

ru ADOUZ1E: I want to balance the sound inside the cars, because sometimes it's hard to hear teammates when in the UAZ. In terms of the functions, I would add a map filter.

ru POKAMOLODOY: It is difficult to answer this question right now, again optimizing and fixing all the bugs.

— How do you like the new feature “Weapon Mastery”? With what weapons do you make the most headshots and kills? Share the numbers with your fans!

ru ceh9: The introduction of this new function seems not so great while having other problems in the game. But for casual players, perhaps it's interesting. I do not remember my stats.

ru Bestoloch: I played relatively few pubs, but most of all my Kills and Headshots are on Beryl M762 and SLR.

ru ADOUZ1E: Most headshots and kills are from Saiga.

ru POKAMOLODOY: I can’t say anything about this feature, we trained on the event server, there’s no such thing. It's cool charms on weapons.